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Real Time GPS Tracking System for Kids from Anywhere in the World

Letstrak GPS tracker, a highly versatile GPS tracking system which was named the best GPS tracker for kids in 2016.

Letstrak GPS Tracker, a highly versatile GPS tracking system which was named the best GPS tracker for kids in 2016, now features global quad-mode GSM capabilities for secure and dependable GPS tracking from anywhere in the world.

With the global quad-mode feature, the reliability of the Letstrak is exceptional, for any application, including personal safety, fleet tracking and covert vehicle monitoring,” said Vikram Kumar, CEO of Letstrak Limited (https://www.letstrak.com/).

Letstrak GPRS as the best GPS tracking system for kids in 2016, citing the Letstrak “outstanding performance”, and “solid tracking” in low reception areas such as movie theaters, basements, and parking garages. 

In addition to global quad-mode capabilities, the Letstrak GPS tracking system offers many other features in a conveniently compact GPS tracker. The Letstrak provides real-time GPS tracking updates as often as every 5 seconds, and is equipped with a panic (SOS) button which initiates a series of 20 location reports within 2 minutes when activated. 

The Letstrak GPRS is entirely self-contained, and is smaller than a set of car keys. With 12-volt DC adaptability, Letstrak GPS tracking systems can also be installed using a permanent hardwire connection. Quad-mode GPS tracking systems such as the Letstrak GPRS cover all 4 GSM frequencies, including 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz bands. 

As with all Letstrak (https://www.letstrak.com/) GPS tracking systems, the Letstrak GPRS is designed to work with the firm’s innovative GPS tracking software, which provides geo-fencing capabilities, and worldwide satellite mapping with birds eye and street level monitoring options. In addition to GPS tracking software, Letstrak offers optional accessories for the Letstrak GPRS, including a waterproof, motion-activated hibernating battery pack designed for months of continuous use. 

Letstrak Limited., based in London, United Kingdom, is a leading developer of GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software for personal security, business, and law enforcement use. For more information about the Letstrak GPRS tracker or other GPS tracking systems and accessories, please visit https://www.letstrak.com/ or call us +44 020 3375 4259.

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