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Will India Soon See More Uses of Letstrak GPS Tracking System in Public Transports?

The use of GPS technology for navigation and location identification is increasingly being used in most places across the world.

<p>The use of GPS technology for navigation and location identification is increasingly being used in most places across the world. When the technology first entered India, it was not very popular and didn't have the immediate and far reach as expected. As with any new technology or change, it takes time and effort for people to adapt to it. However, now there seems to be a sea change in the way GPS tracking is viewed and used. One of the most popular applications of this technology is the <a href="https://www.letstrak.com/device.html">GPS tracker for children</a>. Parents who were sceptical about their child's safety while traveling to and from schools/colleges found this tracking device to be a life saver. Many school managements even adopted this technology and installed GPS tracking devices in the school buses. Message from the tracking device will be sent to the parents, so they can be assured of their child's safety.</p> <p>With the use of GPS tracking technology in various services and fields, their popularity began to rise. Soon public transport systems in India started using vehicle GPS tracking system to improve their customer relationship. When a customer books a ticket in a bus or train, a confirmation message is sent to the mobile phone. The tracking device also sends automatic updates about the vehicle's location and the expected time of arrival, so customers will not have to wait for a long time at the pickup points. All these aspects made it more convenient for customers who were planning their travels.</p> <p>Currently, Delhi is spearheading the adoption of GPS technology in the public transport systems. GPS-enabled meters were installed in the auto rickshaws plying around the city. The tracker not only enhanced the safety of the passengers, but also of the auto driver. In case of any accident or untoward incident, then the accurate location of the auto can be identified using the vehicle <a href="https://www.letstrak.com/device.html">GPS tracking system</a>. In India, this becomes more important as people generally take autos to far off places and city outer areas that are not well connected by other modes of public transports.</p> <p>Personal GPS Tracker for Kids - Letstrak offers GPS Location Tracking for kids which helps to track and monitor the location of your kids. Buy GPS Tracker for Child today at tracker her movement.</p>

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